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What is Vieforit?

         Vieforit is a global platform, which organise regular, online CS:GO tournaments. Every tournament has an entry fee required from the team and maximum number of participating teams.


How much can I win in tournaments?

         In description of the tournamens you can find information about prize pool. The percentage distribution of winnings will vary depending on the number of participating teams. Described winnings will be divided into five participating members of the team.


How can I add funds to my account?

         You can add funds by pressing „ADD FUNDS” on top of the page. Transactions can be made through PayPal or Skrill (Skrill can be used only in Poland).


Why commission is added?

         Commission is added by payment systems – PayPal and Skrill. It is added on our platform, because the amount paid must correspond to the funds transferred for entry fees and then for withdrawals.


How can I create a team?

         You can create a team by pressing „YOUR TEAMS” on top of the page and then „create new team”. You just have to type name of the team and its 3-letter shortcut. You can also add team logo.


Can I join or create more than one team?

         Yes, you can be member of maximum 3 teams in the same time.


How can I add players to my team?

         As team captain you can add maximum 7 players to your team. You just need to search players by search on top of the page and invite selected ones.


How can I sign up for the tournament?

         Only teams with minimum 5 players can sign up for the tournament. The entry is made by team captain if there is enough funds in team wallet to cover entry fee. In addition, the captain chooses 4 players to participate in the tournament by sending them invitations. For full registration, invited players must confirm participation.


How can I add funds to team wallet?

         To add team funds you just need to press „ADD FUNDS” in team profile and type amount. The funds will be transfered from your account wallet.


How can I withdraw funds from team wallet?

         You can not withdraw funds from team wallet. These funds can only be used for entries to tournaments.


What if I have added funds to team wallet and I need to return these funds?

         When there are funds in team wallet and, for example the team is going to be deleted – you can contact administration. If the team and its members will not have any debt (holded transactions), funds will be returned to members’ wallets.


How are the winnings divided?

         Winnings are atumatically divided between 5 players of the team participating in the tournament.


We have won the tournament and I did not received award to my wallet. What should I do?

         Firstly, winnings are added to team wallet. Every hour all winnings holded in team wallet are divided to each members (participating in the tournament). If you did not receive award in a few hours, please contact administration.


How can I withdraw funds?

         You can send withdrawal request in your wallet by choosing amonut and payment method (PayPal or Skrill).


What happens, when not enuogh teams sign up to the tournament?

         In the case of an incomplete number of teams, the tournament is autmatically reduced to the nearest number of teams (2, 4, 8). The reduction takes place on the basis of the order of entries and the reduced teams receive a refund of the entry fee.


What about cheaters?

            When every match is finished, captains are able to report opponent team. To do this, you need to describe the report and your team have to accept it. If your team was reported and you have won any award in the tournament, your winnings are being hold in deposit up to forty-eight hours. In this time administration will examine the report.

If the report is confirmed, reported team gets banned and entry fees are refunded to teams that played against cheating team.  If the report is rejected, award goes rightfully to reported team.


What happens, if not all players join game lobby?

            At the appointed time (3 minutes from the beginning of the tournament or the next round) in the lobby of the match must be at least 4 players of each team. The presence of the captain is always required. This is a reserve of "delay" of one player for each team. This player can join the match later.


Do all players have to be on the server?

            There is no requirement for players in the game. The game can start with even one player. The other players are free to join during the game (if they do not make it during the classic 5-minute warmup). Missing players are replaced by bots.


What happens if someone joins opponent’s team?

            In the match lobby, under the name of the team there is a side (CT or T) to which the team has been assigned. If, however, the player has made a mistake, he can change the side to the correct in menu in the game (ESC). In addition, the admin always observe the game on each server.


What can I see in rankings?

            The player rankings are divided into a weekly, monthly or all-time period. The statistics include kills, assists, mvp, points and VIE rating. You can see the ranking by sums or averages from the selected period. The K / D ratio is also included in the averages.

In the ranking of teams, you can see the statistics of tournaments of the team, in which they won any awards.


What is VIE Rating?

            Vie Rating is our index showing player’s skill level. Every player starts with Vie Rating 0 and it is increased or decreased after every match, depending on the statistics player had.



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