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General Conditions



  1. The main aim of the E-Platform is to organize tournaments of “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, based on the arcade rivalry between players.
  2. Only registered Platform Users are eligible to participate in the tournaments.



  1. Before using the E-Platform, each User should read these Terms and Conditions and accept it.
  2. The E-Platform is owned by Tomasz Palmowski, engaged in an economic activity under the name of VIEFORIT.COM Tomasz Palmowski based in Wieliczka, Rożnowska St. 94, 32-020 Wieliczka, NIP: 6832099644, REGON: 369855939, address for service: Poznańska St. 7/203, 30-012 Kraków.
  3. By registering for an account on E-Platform, User accepts all provisions of the Terms and Conditions. Ignorance of these terms, does not release from the obligation to comply with it.


The terms used in the Terms and Conditions mean:

  1. Team – a group of Users with a maximum 8 (eight) players;
  2. Game - „Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, released by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment;
  3. Individual User Account – a User profile created on the E-Platform by registration, which in particular entitles to transfer funds, receive a win, join or form a Team and participate in the competition;
  4. Team Account – a Team profile created by a User entitling to participate in a tournament;
  5. Organizer – the owner of E-Platform, i.e. Tomasz Palmowski, engaged in an economic activity under the name of VIEFORIT.COM Tomasz Palmowski based in Wieliczka, Rożnowska St. 94, 32-020 Wieliczka, NIP: 6832099644, REGON: 369855939, address for service: Poznańska St. 7/203, 30-012 Kraków.
  6. E-Platform – online domain, used to organize tournaments of „Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” –;
  7. STEAM Platform – a digital distribution and digital rights management platform, a multiplayer system and a social network created by Valve Corporation;
  8. Privacy Policy – regulations regarding information obligations related in particular to the collection of personal data, which are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions;
  9. Wallet – funds that have been paid by the User or the Organizer to his / her individual account;
  10. Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions;
  11. Gameplay - a single game (match), divided into 30 rounds in accordance with the rules of the Game;
  12. Tournaments – a type of competition between the Teams, consisting of several games, depending on the number of teams entered, which participate in the Gameplays and compete for cash prizes;
  13. Tournament  Matchmaking - a type of competition between Users, in the 1x1 formula, consisting in a quick, single Tournament between Users, in which the User creates a  Tournament Matchmaking proposal himself and proposes the amount of Entry fee, and another User accepts this Entry fee amount (Entry fees from each user make up the Pool), thus joining the Tournament Matchmaking;
  14. User – a player who created a profile on E-Platform;
  15. Entry fee – the required amount of money entitling to participate in the Tournament or in the Tournament Matchmaking;
  16. Payment - each correctly completed payment transfer made by the User to the Individual User Account or the Team Account via the payment service providers such as  PayPal or Cinkciarz Pay;
  17. Win – a prize received by a User who won the Tournament Matchmaking or a Team that won the Tournament or a Team that took second place in the Tournament, received in cash and automatically allocated to the Wallet of each authorized User;
  18. Payout – each correctly completed payment transfer made from the Individual User Account to the User's individual account, at the PayPal payment service provider or to the bank account indicated by the User;
  19. Pool - the sum of the amounts paid as the Entry Fee;
  20. STEAM account – an active User account on the STEAM Platform, without which it is not possible to start the Game.


Registration of an Individual User Account


  1. By registering an Individual User Account on the E-Platform each User confirm the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Each person who is 18 or older is entitled to register an Individual User Account.


  1. To register an Individual User Account there is required to provide the following data:
  1. name;
  2. surname;
  3. date of birth;
  4. country of residence;
  5. e-mail;
  6. password.
  1. After providing the data mentioned above, the User will be asked to connect the Individual User Account with the STEAM Account by integrating the User's name. As a result of this activity, the user's name will be associated with the player's name on the STEAM Account. Correct registration is possible only after integration of the User's Account with the STEAM Account.
  2. Providing the data indicated above means that they are consistent with the real state. If the User provide false data the Organizer has the right to suspend or delete the Individual User Account at any time without prior notice.


  1. Each User may create only one Individual User Account.
  2. If the User creates two or more Individual User Accounts, the Organizer has the right to delete additional or all Individual User Accounts, depending at his own discretion at any time without prior notice.


  1. Each User is solely responsible for all obligations resulting from these Terms and Conditions.
  2. The User may not allow any other person to access o his/her Individual User Account. All activities undertaken under an Individual User Account may do only a person who created an account.
  3. An Individual User Account is not transferrable to any other person. Any attempts to transfer the access for another person for free or against payment are prohibited.


Creation of a Team


  1. Every User may built a Team.  
  2. User which created a Team automatically becomes its captain.
  3. Captain of a Team can only be changed by previous captain.  


  1. A Team can consist up to 1 to 8 members (including Team captain).
  2. Each of the Users may be a member of maximum three Teams.
  3. The User may participate in the Tournament as a member of only one Team. The User may not change the Team during the Tournament.


  1. Every Team has to have a name, abbreviation and logo. Team description is not obligatory.
  2. The captain may change Team’s details except for its name.




  1. Information of each Tournament’s date is given on the E-Platform main page and includes the specific date and time of its start, number of registered Teams, amount of Entry fee and counter which shows time remaining to the start of a Tournament.
  2. To participate in a Tournament, the Team needs to register their participation and pay the Entry fee.
  3. Registering Team’s participation in a Tournament may only its captain. At the time of registering the captain chooses 4 (four) Users to whom invitations are sent. A Team member may accept the invitation or refuse it. Information about refusing is given to the captain who may invite another or the same User to join to a Tournament. Captain participation in a Tournament is compulsory.


  1. The Tournament starts if at least 2 (two) Teams have entered it. In the event that the required number of Teams has not entered the Tournament, it will be cancelled and the Entry fee paid by the Team will be refunded in full.
  2. Each Team which is taking part in a Tournament must consist at least 5 (five) Users who have confirmed they participate, including the Team captain. At the time of start of the Tournament each Team member must confirm his/her participation by accepting the relevant notification. The time for acceptance is 2 (two) minutes from the start of the Tournament. Right before each Gameplay all participants will received a notification requesting confirmation they are still in game. The time for acceptance is 1 (one) minute then. 
  3. The Team may withdraw from the Tournament but not later than 24 hours before its start. In the event of withdrawal from the Tournament no later than 24 hours before its start, the Entry fee paid by the Team is returned in full, otherwise the Entry fee is retained by the Organizer. However, the entry fee will be refunded in full also if the Tournament will be canceled, unless the cancellation of the Tournament occurs due to the withdrawal of the Tournament by the Team which the Entry fee would have be retained by the Organizer.
  4. Before 24 hours and for 1 hour before the start of the Tournament, an automatically generated e-mail message is sent to each registered Users who have confirmed they participation with information about the upcoming Tournament.
  5. If there are no more than 5 (five) active Users in the Team, i.e. having active Individual User Accounts who have confirmed their participation in the Tournament, the Team will be automatically excluded from the competition. In this case, the Team does not receive a refund of the entry fee.
  6. During the Tournament, each Team member who confirmed his/her participation may join to the Tournament at any time.


  1. The Tournament is played in a knockout system, consisting in direct duels between the Teams (games). The winner of a single game qualifies for the next stage of the Tournament, while the loser is eliminated from the competition. If the number of Teams that joins the Tournament, makes, at any stage of the Tournament, that any of the Teams is left without a pair to play the game, such Team automatically proceeds to the next stage of the Tournament, according to the tournament table - receives the so-called "bye".
  2. The draw of match pairs takes place 5 (five) minutes before the start of the Tournament.
  3. The Tournament can start with a zero game, where players only have knives at their disposal - by eliminating the opposing Team, the winners can choose which side they want to start on (terrorists/anti-terrorists). The decision on how to start the Tournament is made by the Organizer in the Tournament description.
  4. The Tournament may start from the group stage, in which the Teams will be divided into groups, i.e. four Teams in each group (in the case of an odd number of Teams, some groups or a group may consist of fewer than four Teams). In each group the games are played according to the “round-robin” scheduling, on the terms set out in sec. 5 below. The best team in the group moves to the next stage and the actual Tournament begins. The winning team in the group receives 3 (three) points, the loosing team receives 0 (zero) points. If in the group the Teams have the same number of points, after the end of the group stage, their qualification to the next stage will be determined by the results of the games played against each other. The decision on how to start the Tournament is made by the Organizer in the Tournament description.
  5. The gameplay consists of two halves, 15 (fifteen) rounds each, after first half there is change of sides. The team that wins the first 16 (sixteen) rounds wins the gameplay. If there is a result of 15-15, there is an extra game consisting of 6 (six) rounds (3 + 3), the number of extra games is unlimited.


The Team that wins all games is the Tournament winner. The Team that loses the final game takes second place. There is no game for third place.



  1. After the end of each gameplay, the Team captain may raise objections regarding the violation of the rules of the Game by the opponent. Before sending objections to the Organizer, it must be accepted by all members of the Team participating in the gameplay which they relate.
  2. The violation of the rules of the Game may be collusion of the Teams, using any modifications increasing the advantage of the Team during the gameplay and using any other programs that change the original version of the Game, e.g.
    1. Wallhack – a program that allows you to see enemies and other objects through the walls;
    2. Aimbot/Aimhack – a program which automatically targeting the opponent;
    3. Triggerbot/Triggerhack – a program which automatically shoots when the target is in range of the sight;
    4. ESP – text information about the enemy (his weapons, number of his health points, etc.)
    5. No Recoil – a program that eliminates the recoil of weapons.
  3. Objections are sent to the Organizer in case the Team they concern takes the first, second or third place. Otherwise, they have no effect.
  4. The Organizer is obliged to review the objections immediately, no later than within 48 hours from the end of the Tournament.
  5. In the event that allegations of violation of the rules of the Game are confirmed the Team that committed the violation is automatically disqualified from the Tournament. In the event of a Team's collusion, all teams that have participated in the collusion are disqualified.



  1. The sum of paid Entry fee is the pool of prizes.
  2. Tournaments can be configured and organized for a minimum of 2 (two) Teams. In this case, the winner of the Tournament receives 87.5% of the pot value.
  3. Distribution of the Pool includes first and second place only. Each Tournament has a distribution of the Pool included in the Tournament description.
  4. In case of violation of the rules in the Tournament which has been configured for 2 (two) Teams, by the Team that won the Tournament - the prize is assigned to the lost Team.
  5. If the violation of the rules of the Game is confirmed in the Tournament for more than 2 Teams by the Team that won the Tournament, the second Team receives first prize, and the third Team receives second prize. If the violation of the rules of the Game is confirmed in the Tournament by the Team that took first and second places - the third team receives second prize, the fourth team receives a refund of the Entry Fee (from the Pool for the first Team), and the remainder from the Pool of the first Team is added to the Organizer's pool. (after deducting the entry fee refund for the fourth Team).


  1. The prize is automatically assign to the Player's Wallet and divided into all Team members who participated in the Tournament The payouts of funds from the prize takes place via the payment service.
  2. If there were any objections connections with the violations of the rules the payment of the prize is suspended until the objections are considered, but not longer than for 48 hours.
  3. Rejection of the objections, unlocks the Prize and transfers it to the Wallet of the Team members.


  1. Team account is automatically removed by the Organizer when the Team violated the rules. This does not preclude the creation of a new Team, made up of the same Users.
  2. Individual User Accounts of Users who were members of the removed Team are suspended for 14 days. During this time, they cannot take part in any Tournament, even if they are members of another Teams.
  3. Double suspension of the Individual User Account results in its deletion.


Entry fee


  1. Registering in the Tournament needs paying of Entry fee. Every payments are made in EURO.
  2. Team captain is making all Entry fee payments from the funds accumulated in the Team Wallet.
  3. The Team Wallet is powered by voluntary transfers of funds from the Users' Wallet. Funds transferred from the User's Wallet to the Team's Wallet may be withdrawn by the User, unless they have been transferred for the payment of the Entry fee.
  4. Funds accumulated in the User’s Wallet or Team Wallet do not constitute a legal tender or currency in the meaning of Polish Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism Bill of March, 1st 2018 (Journal of Laws of 2018, no. 723).
  5. The User may collect available funds in his Wallet by means of electronic payment transfers, conducted by the PayPal platform, Przelewy 24, as well as by Blik and with a payment card, via the Cinkciarz Pay payment card operator.
  6. To increase the value of an individual Wallet, the User enters the amount of money he wants to transfer to the calculator placed on the E-Platform. Every transfer is charged a commission. After entering the data, the calculator calculates the total amount that should be paid to receive a certain amount of funds in the individual portfolio. The payments should be transferred to the bank account provided during the payment process.
  7. The User withdraws funds from the Wallet, to his PayPal account or directly to his bank account. If the User's bank account is kept in a currency other than EURO, the User's bank will convert the amount into the currency in which the User's bank account is kept.


Tournament Matchmaking


  1. As part of the Tournament Matchmaking, the User may create an invitation and wait for the opponent, or view other Users who have created an invitation to the Tournament Matchmaking. If the opponent and the offered Entry fee amount suit the User, the User may click "Play" and the opponent may accept or decline the challenge. If the challenge is accepted, the Users are charged the Entry fee for which the Tournament Matchmaking Pool was created.


  1. After clicking "Play", the Users are taken to the lobby, where the maps are banned (rejected) one by one, alternately by each User. The last map is the game map that will be used in a Tournament Matchmaking. Users - participants of the Tournament Matchmaking, after completing the map banning stage, receive access to the server on which they will conduct the Tournament Matchmaking - up to a maximum of 30 rounds.


  1. If one User wins 16 (sixteen) rounds, the Tournament Matchmaking is finished with the victory of that User.


  1. In the event that, after the end of the Tournament Matchmaking, there is a tie of 15:15, extra time is required, which consists of a maximum of 6 (six) rounds. If, during extra time, any of the participants in the Tournament Matchmaking achieves a result that prevents their opponent from drawing, the Tournament  Matchmaking ends with the victory of that User. If there is a draw during extra time, another extra time takes place, on the terms specified in the first sentence. The number of extra time periods is unlimited.


  1. From the Pool of each Tournament Matchmaking 90% of the Pool will be transferred as a win to the User who won the Tournament Matchmaking.


  1. In the "Matchmaking" tab, in addition to searching for an opponent, it is possible to create a Tournament Matchmaking, and the history of tournaments is also available. Tournament history includes all Tournament Matchmaking played recently and is updated in real time.


  1. In the "Matchmaking" tab there are fields (information windows) with the rules. These are fields divided into tiles with an icon and a title. When you hover over a given rule, its detailed description is displayed. The rules contain information such as: available weapons for the game, available maps, game time, information about extra time, how to deal with cheaters (the method of verifying cheaters is the same as in Tournaments).


  1. After the end of each Tournament Matchmaking, its participant may report the opponent for cheating, then §14 of these Regulations shall apply accordingly. After the Tournament Matchmaking is over, a form to be filled will appear in the lobby (only a description and a confirmation button). If the reported opponent is the winner (if the loser, the report does not go to the system), the win is retained for a maximum of 48 hours (the reported Tournament Matchmaking participant receives a notification on the website). Meanwhile, the Administrator checks the recording of the Tournament Matchmaking. If the cheat is confirmed, the cheater is banned and his win is awarded to the aggrieved party (loser) - in such a case both participants of the Tournament Matchmaking are informed about the result of considering the report and the consequences. If the cheat is rejected, the suspected participant of the Tournament Matchmaking receives the retained amount of the win and the notification of the result of the report, which is also received by his opponent.


Privacy policy


Fulfilling the information obligations indicated in art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), there is indicating as following:

  1. The controller of Your personal data is Tomasz Palmowski, engaged in an economic activity under the name of VIEFORIT.COM Tomasz Palmowski based in Wieliczka, Rożnowska St. 94, 32-020 Wieliczka, NIP: 6832099644, REGON: 369855939, address for service: Poznańska St. 7/203, 30-012 Kraków, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.
  2. Contact with the controller of your personal data is possible at the above-mentioned address or via e-mail:
  3. Your personal data are processed on the basis of art. 6 point 1 letter a), b), c) and f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, i.e.:
  1. When You given consent to the processing of personal data;
  2. when it is necessary for the performance of a contract or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract;
  3. when is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Organizer is subject;
  4. when it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Organizer or by a third party.
  1. Your personal data are processing in particular to:
  1. Enable to render electronic services and to proper use of E-Platform;
  2. Create and manage of Individual User Account and provide technical support;
  3. Handle complaints and objections sent to the Organizer by electronic means;
  4. Direct contact with the User for purposes related to the provision of services;
  5. Optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided by the Organizer;
  6. Provide personal data to third parties cooperating with the Organizer;
  7. Ensure the safety of the providing services, including enforcing compliance with these Term and Conditions and detecting errors, preventing fraud and abuse;
  8. Conduct marketing activities;
  9. Proper provision of payment processing;
  10. Prepare statistics;
  11. Fulfill legal and tax obligations;
  12. Conduct court, arbitration or mediation proceedings;
  13. Archiving purposes.
  1. Data that may be collected by the Organizer while using the Platform include in particular:
  1. IP address;
  2. Date of birth;
  3. Name and surname;
  4. Country of residence;
  5. Data collected using cookies and similar technologies;
  6. User’s name;
  7. E-mail address;
  8. Data voluntarily provided by Users, placed on their Individual User Accounts;
  9. Data on made payment transactions.



  1. The Organizer gives the power to process of personal data to entities that support him in the provision of services. Entrusting data takes place on the basis of a lawful written agreement.
  2. Your personal data may be transferred to third countries including the USA, if the Organizer uses such tools as Google Analytics and in case of logging into the E-Platform via Facebook, Google+, Steam or similar websites.
  3. In order to properly service of the Platform, Your personal data may be transferred to authorized employees or associates but only when it would be necessary. The Organizer may also provide certain data to providers who serving the Platform, payment service and public authorities in connection with their proceedings.
  4. Your personal data are storage for the period depending of the purpose for which they are processed.


  1. Users of the E-Platform have the right to:
  1. Access  to their personal data;
  2. Rectification or erasure of personal data;
  3. Lodge a complaint;
  4. transfer data.

For this purpose, please contact the Organizer using the means of communication indicated above.

  1. The Organizer shall within one month of receiving the request, provide the data subject information on actions taken in connection with the execution of the above-mentioned rights without any delay. The Organizer may extend the deadline by another two months due to the complex nature of the request or the number of requests. Within one month of receipt of the request, the Organizer informs the data subject about the extension of the deadline, stating the reasons for the extension.
  2. The data subject may choose the form of communication with the Organizer (electronic or postal).
  3. If the Organizer does not act in relation to the request of the data subject, he shall immediately, not later than one month after receiving the request, inform the data subject of the reasons for failure to take action and the possibility of lodging a complaint to the supervisory authority and the other means of protection.
  4. Communication and activities undertaken on the basis of this Privacy Policy are free of charge. If the subject’s data demands are unjustified or excessive, the Organizer may::
  1. Request the appropriate fee which includes administrative costs of providing information, conducting communication or taking another actions;
  2. Refuse to take actions.
  1. Platform Users have the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time. This does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was made before its withdrawal.
  2. Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data means resignation from using the services offered by the E-Platform and deleting the Individual User Account.
  3. Everyone has the right to lodge a complaint to the Polish President of the Office for the Protection of Personal Data.
  4. Providing personal data is voluntary. Creating a Individual User Account requires entering personal data specified in the form.
  5. Consent to the use of cookies and similar technology is voluntary, but its absence will not reduce the number of ads received by Users, but may only reduce their accuracy. Personal data which are collected automatically by cookies and similar technologies are not used by the Organizer to profile Users.
  6. The Organizer may also use external payment services such as PayPal, Paysafecard and Skrill, to exchange money for funds accumulated in the User Wallet. The Organizer is a data controller in relation to personal data related to transactions processed in order to purchase funds for the User Wallet. The transaction data may contain personal data, payment card details and transaction details. Each time the User purchases funds for the Wallet, the data transferred to payment services are also subject to the privacy policy of the selected provider. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in this case is the performance of the contract for intermediation of payment transactions. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User consents to the transfer of his personal data to offer and execute payment transaction services.


Personal data protection


  1. All data provided to the Organizer is securely stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy presented above.
  2. During the use of the E-Platform, including creating the Individual user Account and making payment transfers, the User will be asked to provide only the personal data which are necessary for proper use of the E-Platform. Personal data necessary for the proper use of the E-Platform are the name, surname, country of residence, date of birth, name of the User and e-mail address. The payment system provider may require other data necessary to authorize the transaction.
  3. Granting consent to the processing of personal data is necessary to create a Individual User Account. The User has the right to withdraw consent at any time.
  4. All personal data provided by the User are treated as confidential and are not subject to the transaction, they will also not be transferred to third parties without the consent of the person to whom they belong, except for providing this data to payment system providers and other entities, if they have a legal basis, for example law enforcement agencies.
  5. The User has the right to access and change his personal data, as well as to other rights resulting from the applicable provisions of law.




  1. The E-Platform provided by the Organizer is protected by copyright. By using the services offered by the Organizer, the User does not acquire any copyrights to any published content or materials.
  2. All registered trademarks belonging to third parties are used by the Organizer only for identification and information purposes.
  3. If You posting own content on the E-Platform You declare that You have the rights and necessary consents to reproduce of such materials. In the event of claims against the Organizer due to materials placing on the E-Platform by the User, the User undertakes to independently satisfy legitimate claims of such entity.
  4. All data and software presented on the E-Platform are made available exclusively for personal use. The User is not authorized to copy, reproduce or make available there data for commercial purposes.

Final provisions


  1. It is forbidden to use inappropriate content directed to other Users or the Organizer.
  2. Inappropriate User's behavior may result in suspension or removal of the Individual User Account.


  1. The Organizer is not responsible for technical problems related to the organization of the Tournament, if they occurred as a result of events beyond his control or events that he could not have foreseen. The Organizer is also not responsible for the theft of personal data or loss of Individual User Account if these events are the result of indirect or direct actions of the User.
  2. The winnings, both in the Tournament and in Gameplays, are decided solely by the skill abilities of the Users. The game is devoid of elements of randomness.


The organizer reserves the right to change the content of these Terms and Conditiona at any time. The changes are effective from the moment of their publication on the E-Platform.


  1. By accepting the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of Polish courts in the event of any disputes arising from the use of the E-Platform.
  2. In matters not covered by the Term and Conditions the Polish Civil Code and other Polish legal acts will have apply.


© All rights reserved.